A Biblical Foundation for Service: Conclusion

Conclusion on the Foundation of all Christian Service…

Questions for the teacher…

  • How do you present ministry to young and old?
  • Do you “brow beat” people into service, putting them on a guilt trip?
  • Do you manipulate their emotions to produce an immediate response?
  • Do you appeal to their flesh by presenting service to God as the popular thing to do?
  • Do you appeal to people theologically as Paul did in Romans 12?
  • Do you approach your people as Paul approached the church at Rome: brutally honestly (it will cost you something,) theologically (the mercies of God and your position in Christ make this your logical service,) and as a coach (exhorting as you come alongside them?)
  • Do you appeal to service from a God centered perspective, or from a man centered perspective?
  • Is there a humble dependence upon the Spirit of God to work through His word, or is there a fleshly dependence upon charisma, whit, “tear jerk” stories, or the “shock” factor.

If we appeal to people Biblically, humbly dependent upon the Spirit of God to work through His word, carefully laying open the texts of Scripture where God addresses these issues rather than appealing to fleshly means, I believe we will see the Spirit move in the hearts of His people.  People will see that this surrender of self to God is the logical response of every believer.  God will stir the hearts of those whom He has uniquely gifted for these works, and we will see the body in all its parts properly motivated and functioning together to accomplish God’s purposes in His local assemblies.

Questions for the layman…

  • Is your entire person genuinely and completely surrender to God’s service?
  • Is your motivation God focused love and gratitude or fear and guilt?
  • Are you being duped by the world to believe that whole hearted surrender of self to God is less that logical?
  • What excuses do you present when confronted with a divided heart?
  • Do you view even mundane activities as potential actions of holy, acceptable worship to God?
  • Are you being transformed daily to reflect more clearly the glory of God?
  • Are you refusing to be conformed to the world in your values, desires, actions, and character?
  • Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to gut your pre-conversion thinking and replace it with the word of God so that you will grow daily into Christ-likeness?

If we daily walk in fellowship with God, in the light of His word, He will progressively change our thinking which will transform our character and actions to reflect more clearly the glory of God in our lives.  This renovated thinking will help us recognize worldly deception so we will reject it and walk in submission to God.  May we all walk daily as a living sacrifice of acceptable worship to God! This is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God for every believer.


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