The Biblical Focus of a Disciple: Introduction

The Biblical Focus of a Disciple: Introduction

Over the few years of my Christian experience, I have been exposed to a wide array of methods and philosophies in Christian ministries.  Some ministries emphasize evangelism as the focus of Christian living, others the glory of God in general, others obedience, and others service.  What should be the primary focus of the disciple?  If we will mentor others, we must understand the main thing in order to properly teach it.  I believe that the supreme focus of the disciple is growing in an abiding relationship in Christ.   I am not minimizing evangelism and local church service.  These are Christian responsibilities!  I am trying to show that a vibrant abiding relationship with Christ is the only pure spring from which all acceptable Christian services flow!  In order to observe this concept in Scripture we will be studying John 15.  From this study we will look at numerous other passages that shed light on this critical component to genuine Christian living.


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