Fundamentals of Biblical Discipleship Part 4: Spheres of mentoring: Pastor to preacher boy: Conclusion

Pastor to preacher boy: Conclusion

After considering several suggestions that relate specifically to pastoral mentoring, how are you doing in this area of ministry? Are you actively seeking to take young men “under your wing,” not to have someone do the menial labors of ministry, but for the simple purpose of investing in their lives? Do you have a methodical approach to mentoring these younger men into the ministry? Are you living a pattern that would be beneficial for them to follow? Are you growing so you will have greater depth and insight into areas that can help this younger generation take the torch and run with it? Mentoring is not just a neat ideal, it is a non-negotiable responsibility. We need mentoring in the local church.

For those who need to be mentored, how moldable are you? Are you willing to listen to the advice of an older man? How will you respond when he points to a specific deficiency in your life? Will you be diligent in addressing what he reveals to you? Will you humbly take the opportunities he gives you, or will you have a critical spirit because he has not given you opportunity worthy of your calling and gifting? We must be learners and teachers. We must be involved in the Biblical labor of pastoral mentoring! May God give us grace and expand His work exponentially, as we are faithful in this mutual labor of love for the glory of God!


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