Fundamentals of Biblical Discipleship Part 4: Spheres of mentoring: Intro

Fundamentals of Biblical Discipleship Part 4: Spheres of mentoring: Intro

I hope that each section of our study on discipleship has been practical.  It has been excellent for me to think through these issues, and then to put them on paper.  Certainly these articles are only the beginning of a lifetime study and practice of this concept of Biblical discipleship.  I want to now take the foundation and the focus of discipleship, and focus them on a practical, personal challenge.  I believe that we tend to be a little shortsighted when we come to issues like discipleship, so I hope that this study will cause you to take a step back and evaluate your involvement in personal discipleship.  I hope that the layman will catch a vision for the possibilities of personal discipleship, as well as sense the weight of his responsibilities to disciple within these various realms.  I hope that the pastors who read these articles will catch a vision that will trickle into their philosophies of ministry, and then into their daily ministerial practices.

Essentially, this section is the heart of our mission’s philosophy and approach.  We desire to reproduce ourselves by means of a reproducible indigenous model.  Please consider with me the following spheres of discipleship: pastor to layman, pastor to preacher boy, layman to layman dad to children, and co-worker to co-worker.  Each one of these spheres has clear Biblical precedence, so I think you will be able to glean much from our study.  I certainly believe that there are other potential spheres of ministry; however I will limit our study to these five spheres.  Please consider with me your responsibility, and consider the potential of assuming this role fully to the glory of God.


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