A Study on the Will of God: Conclusion

Thoughts on decision making:


  • Know what is right today and do it: Many people who are consumed with seeking and knowing God’s personal will for their lives fail to do what God has clearly revealed is His will for their lives in His Word. 
  • Allow God to stir your heart uniquely through His various tools: Exposure to the needs of the world through mission’s trips and presentations, workshops, Scripture, family, and friends are a few of the many tools that God uses to stir our heart properly and motivate us into action. 
  • Develop godly desires. Godly desires are developed as God renovates our thinking through His Word and through mature, godly associations.
  • Evaluate every desire in light of God’s Word.  Our desires are never infallible, and they must be carefully and objectively compared to the unchanging Word of God.  It is also wise to ask Godly mature believers to objectively evaluate your desires in light of Scripture.
  • Thank God for His grace, but do not impose upon it. If everything was dependent upon us, we would NEVER be able to see God’s will accomplished in our lives.  It is God’s grace that brought us to salvation.  God’s grace changed our perspective.  God’s grace impressed Godly desires into our hearts.  God’s grace uniquely placed us.  God’s grace uniquely gifted us.  God’s grace uniquely brought us into favor with others.  God’s grace alone overcomes our folly as we make decisions on a daily basis.  While God’s grace overcomes so much, we should never make a decision to disobey the Word of God presuming upon God’s grace.
  • Ask God for wisdom.  James 1 tells us to ask in faith for God’s wisdom without doubting when we lack it.  We always need a greater degree of God’s wisdom when we make decisions in life.
  • Trust God to provide the wisdom needed to make an important decision as you do your part. A great missionary of the past said, “Pray as if it all depends upon God, and work as if it all depends upon you.”  God gives wisdom as He says that He will when we seek for it as He commands us to seek for it.
  • Plan carefully to accomplish Godly desires. Godly desires are not accomplished in a vacuum.  God uses our preparation, counselors, and thinking ahead to bring Godly desires to pass.
  • Have long term and short term goals in light of Godly desires.
  • View this aspect of God’s will as seasonal not lifelong. Many well meaning people get so consumed with what they believe God wants them to accomplish in the future that they ignore their responsibility today.  God uses today to better equip his servants for the future, and faithfulness should be viewed as a daily responsibility.
  • Recognize your spiritual giftedness. God uniquely gifts His servants, and their giftedness is a stewardship that God will evaluate at the Judgment Seat.
  • See your spiritual giftedness as a stewardship.
  • Be well informed and advised before any decision.  There is safety in the multitude of godly counselors.
  • Do not seek or wait for a subjective miraculous sign.  Indecision and folly often plague those who are waiting for something that God rarely uses to accomplish His will.  
  • Be decisive. 
  • Humbly submit to God’s sovereign intervention in your desires. Some godly desires will never come to pass.  David experienced this when he desired to build the temple.  He simply took what he had and prepared his son to build the temple.
  • Humbly trust God to accomplish what He desires to accomplish.  When we worry about what we cannot control, or tightly hold our desires which we are powerless to accomplish apart from God’s work, we set ourselves up for future frustration and discouragements.
  • Realize God is not trying to make you stumble. God deeply loves His children, is infinitely wise, is good, and all-powerful.  When we experience frustration in relation to the will of God, the problem is never with God, but rather with our limited perspective.

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