Principles on Worship in the Local Church

Principles on Worship in the Local Church

  •  There is nothing inherently wrong with raising hands in a church service.
  • There is room for diversity in worship, yet it has important controls over it. 
  • We are not against emotion in worship, because if the worshiper of God does not feel emotion there is something wrong with him. 
  • Worship is only valid when it is directed to the proper object, God.  We must be wary of anything that causes self-absorption or man-centeredness.  
  • A church’s worship style or methodology reflects that church’s theology.
  • It must be characterized by reverence and dignity, remember you are approaching the Sovereign creator God, who is robed in majesty, holiness, and righteousness.
  • Worship transcends culture.  When we worship in the home, we leave our living room and enter God’s realm. 
  • “Good secular” is not necessarily appropriate in the sacred realm.  We must ask this question honestly: “Does this come into our worship for a theological reason or for another reason?”  If not for a theological reason, then it is not appropriate.
  • Historically, when did this worship style enter the American church, and why did it occur?  With what theology was it associated?
  • God takes worship seriously.  Do not forget the record of the death of Nadab and Abihu in Leviticus 10.
  • Sincerity of heart does not justify false worship any more than it would justify false doctrine.
  • Worship must never replace the ministry of the Word.
  • Worship must never directly appeal to the emotions.  It should always be aimed at the mind, which will in turn impact the emotions. 
  • Do these things promote what we should be doing in a service?  Why are we here and what are we doing?
  • Worship form and music are never neutral.
  • Association is important.  Remember that you will be linked with a group by association.
  • One thing will always lead to another.  If we open the door, many things will follow after. 

 *Adapted from lectures on Pastoral Epistles by Dr. Jerry Hullinger PTS


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