Principles on Worship in General:

Principles on Worship in General:

  •  True worship comes from pure motives of the heart.
  • True worship reveals the depth of spiritual understanding of the worshipper.
  • True worship is a choice of wise stewardship, because it is unselfish giving of self for the worth and praise of another.
  • True worship receives Divine favor, while unbiblical worship in an abomination to the Lord.
  • True worship is a choice not a requirement.
  • True worship demonstrates the worth of the one who is being worshipped, it has theological implications.
  • Only God, not man, is worthy of worship.
  • True worship may not be understood by the observer.
  • God can be worshiped at any time and in any place.
  • Worship is an attitude of the heart reflected in actions.
  • The act of worship is a reflection of the heart of worship. 
  • Worship should be free from duplicity, meaning that it is pure, without subtle secondary purposes. 
  • Self-motivated/self-gratifying/self-elevating “worship” is self-focused idolatry.
  • Worshiping anything or anyone other than God is idolatry.
  • True worship counts the object of worship, God, worthy at all costs.

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