Lesson 4: Having an Abundant Life in Christ

Lesson 4: Having an Abundant Life in Christ

Homework for Lesson 4: Having an Abundant Life in Christ:

Read and Meditate on John 15; Galatians 5:

Basic questions regarding, having an abundant life in Christ from this passage:

  • What is God’s most basic desire for every believer according to this passage?
  • What are four distinguishing marks that flow from abiding in Christ?
  • What does it mean to abide in Christ?
  • What activities mentioned in this passage make up abiding in Christ?
  • Why is the farming picture so important to Christ’s teaching on fruitfulness and abiding in Christ?
  • What role does God the Father play in the farming process?
  • What role does Christ play in the farming process?
  • What role do we play in the farming process?
  • What are some examples of fruit from the Bible?

Basic questions answered from this passage:

  • God’s most basic desire for every believer is two-fold.  He desires that they abide in Him, and are spiritually fruitful.
  • Those who abide in Christ are joyful, see God answer their prayers, love God, and love their neighbor as they love themselves.
  • Abiding in Christ is: A way of life in which we cultivate and maintain a vibrant relationship with our Creator, Lord, and Heavenly Father through meditating in His word, communing with Him in prayer, and walking with Him in obedient fellowship.
  • Letting God’s word dwell within your heart, communing with God in prayer, and walking in    obedient fellowship with God are three aspects of abiding in Christ.
  • The farming analogy is important because it reflects a slow process that involves faith, labor,    and time.  You cannot short-circuit the process.  It just takes time and follows the laws of a natural process.
  • God the Father cares for His children and is actively working in their lives so they will become    fruitful.
  • Christ is the source of life, which without Him we can do nothing and will be fruitless.  He produces the fruit in our lives.
  • We are responsible to abide in Christ, and we will bear fruit only when we are abiding in Him.
  • The fruit of the Spirit, Christ-likeness in mind, character, and actions are all types of Spiritual     fruit.

What truths do we glean from John 15 on having an abundant life in Christ?

  • Without Christ, we can do nothing.
  • We must labor and focus on abiding in Christ.
  • God wants us to grow, but it is a process, and it is by the laws of spiritual fruit production.
  • God wants us to be fruitful and is actively working in our lives to produce the fruit of Christ-like thinking, character, and action.
  • Christian growth and fruitfulness is a cooperative process. We are responsible to abide, and God is responsible to bring us on in maturity.
  • We must trust God with every aspect of this process we are in.



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