The following resources have been a help to me in my approach to study, practice, and teaching in the following areas, however this does not mean an absolute recomendation of every work or possition by these authors.


A Balanced View of Salvation Truth

So Great Salvation Charles C. Ryrie

Seven Reason Not to Ask Jesus into Your Heart Dennis M. Rokser

In Defense of the Gospel Lou Martuneac

Getting the Gospel Right C. Gordon Olson

True Evangelism Lewis Sperry Chafer

Secret’s of the Koran Don Richardson

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus (video series) produced byGoodSeed International


Balancing the Christian Life Charles C. Ryrie

Disciplines of a Godly Man R. Kent Hughes

The Mortification of Sin John Owen

Evidence for Christianity Josh McDowell

Missionary Methods Roland Allen

Changed into His Image Jim Berg

The Calvary Road Roy Hession

Decision Making and the Will of God Garry Friesen

Back to Normal Understanding Revival Rich Flanders

The Disciplined Life Richard S. Taylor

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God D A Carson

Church Related:

A Weed in the Church Scott T. Brown

Simple Church Thom S. Rainer

Biblical Eldership Alexander Strauch

Why Elders? Benjamin L. Merkle

The Battle for Christian Music Tim Fisher


Homiletics from the Heart John Goetsch

Power in the Pulpit Jerry Vines

Preaching and Preachers D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


This Day in Baptist History I and II David L. Cummins and E. Wayne Thompson

Bible Sudy Resources:

Biblical (Free seminary level courses in various classes)

E-sword (free download)  

Blue Letter Bible (free internet resources)  

Logos Bible Software 4  

Bible Works8 

Mission’s Websites:

Baptist Missionary info

Purposed Coaching Blog


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