Man’s purpose: I believe that the purpose of man as well as all of God’s creation is to bring praise, pleasure, and glory to his Creator through obedience to the revealed will of God which is the written Word of God.  Ecclesiastes 12:13; Psalm 139:14; Revelation 4:11

 Dignity of man

  • I believe that man is a living soul created in the image of God:
  • I believe that because man is a living soul, he will spend eternity either in the presence of God or damned to the literal Lake of Fire: Daniel 12:1-2; Revelation 12:10-15; Revelation 21:24-27
  • I believe that the fall severely marred, but did not eliminate the image of God in man: Genesis 9:6
  • While Scripture does not directly explain what it means to be made in the image of God, I believe that it means that we can to a degree exercise His moral attributes, we were given dominion over His creation which will be perfectly realized as we reign with Him in His physical kingdom, and we have the ability to make reasoned, moral decisions.
  • I believe that God creates each soul through sovereign oversight and the natural laws of human procreation, and that a man becomes a living soul at the point of conception.

 Man before the fall:

  • I believe that God created the first man Adam in innocence.  While he had never sinned, he was created with the ability to sin, and with a free will to make moral decisions. Genesis 2:16-17, 30
  • I believe that God gave man responsibility to labor and reason as he exercised dominion in a perfect creation: Genesis 2:8
  • I believe that God created man with a need for a help meet: Genesis 2:18

 Man after the fall:

  • I believe that at the fall Adam, representing the entire human race exercised his free will and sinned against God in disobedience to His command. Romans 5:17
  • I believe that all of creation was cursed as a result of the sin of Adam. Romans 8:18-23
  • I believe that all men who are born of a human father are born spiritually dead with an utterly depraved sin nature: Psalm 51:5; Romans 5:12 


Original sin and the depravity of man:

  • I believe that since the fall, every man except Christ has from conception inherited from their fathers and ultimately through Adam an utterly depraved sin nature. Psalm 51:5; Romans 5:12; Romans 3:9-12
  • I believe that all men are born spiritually dead, separated from God: Ephesians 2:1-5
  • I believe that man’s sin both external and internal is the natural fruit of his inherent depravity and is the result of willful choice: Romans 3:23; Isaiah 53:6
  • Scripture describes the condition of the natural man as:
  • Without strength: Romans 5
  • Ungodly: Romans 5
  • Sinners: Romans 5
  • Condemned: Romans 5; John 3
  • Under the wrath of God: Romans 1-2; Ephesians 2:3
  • Blind: II Corinthians 4
  • Enemies with God: Ephesians 2; Colossians 1:21

 Death in the Bible:

  • I believe that the Bible teaches that physical death is separation of the body from the soul and spirit. Hebrews 9:27; II Corinthians 5:8
  • I believe that the Bible teaches that spiritual death is separation of a man from God.  Adam experienced spiritual death at the moment that he sinned.  The same way, a man is born spiritually dead or separated from God. This does not have to be a permanent separation, for when a believer is born again, he is regenerated, receiving new life in Christ and a new position as a son based solely upon the work of Christ and the grace of God: Genesis 2:17; Isaiah 59:2; John 11:25
  • I believe that the Bible teaches that eternal death is eternal separation from God in the Lake of Fire, which is a literal eternal place of wrath upon the ungodly.  This death is also spoken of as the second death: Daniel 12:1-2; Matthew 25; Luke 16; John 8:24; Revelation 20:14,15 

 Sins affects on the believer:

  • I believe that when the believer sins, his fellowship with his Heavenly Father is broken. John 15; I John 1:6
  • I believe that when a believer sins, he looses the joy of walking in communion with his Lord: Psalm 51:12
  • I believe that when the believer persists in sin, it can cause him to question his salvation: II Peter 1: 9-10; I John 3:18-21
  • I believe that when a believer sins, he hinders his prayer life: I John 3:22; I Peter 3:7
  • I believe that when a believer sins, God will discipline him since he is God’s child. Hebrews 12:5-11 
  • I believe God grants forgiveness and the restoration of the joy of a believer’s position in Christ when the believer repents of his sin and come to Him for forgiveness: I John 1:9

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