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Crazy Day

Crazy day, and a lot to be thankful for! Woke up at 5am to find the entire house flooded with 1-2 inches of water, because a pipe under the kitchen sink ruptured. Live power cord were floating in the water around our bed, and the dog was cowering under a cabinet with water gushing from the pipe. Ironical, our AC was still running even though the power stabilizer was sitting in the water. No one was hurt, but our limping laptop was totally submerged. WAWA…West Africa wins again. Got all our files off the hard drive, and thankful we had a backup laptop that was high and dry. An hour and a half later, our push broom, siphon combination got most of the water out of the house. Pictures coming soon.

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9 Reasons I Reject the Common Prosperity Gospel

  •  God tells us not to love this world or the things in the world.
  • Some of the godliest saints in the history of the church have suffered intense persecution and deep poverty for the cause of Christ.
  • The rich are often viewed as the most difficult to reach with the gospel.
  • Riches tend to control us.
  • Riches often become idols to us.
  • Riches often turn our hearts away from God.
  • Ease has a tendency to destroy a godly sense of dependency upon God.
  • Christ tells us that the world will hate us and persecute us.
  • Suffering is a necessary part of our Christian growth.

Enjoy the good gifts of God with humility loving Him not because of your portion in this life, but because He is your portion both now and forever. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Anniversary Activities and Baptism

DSCF3020 DSCF3022 DSCF3024 DSCF3027 DSCF3032 DSCF3040 DSCF3049 DSCF3057 DSCF3059 DSCF3065 DSCF3068 DSCF3069

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Anchor Baptist Church: Four Year Anniversary Video


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Quick Update

We praise the Lord for His faithfulness, and the work that He is doing here in Cape Coast.  We are rapidly approaching our four year anniversary as a church, the last Sunday in August, and as is common here in Ghana, there will be a special service to celebrate the anniversary of the church plant.  Our desire is to make this event about the Lord and what He has graciously done here.

Our concern is that our church is drawn afresh to several important Biblical distinctives that are a part of our young history, and we pray will continue to drive this ministry and future ministries till our Lord returns.  Because we have many new faces that were not a part of the original core and the tendency to apathy and compromise, we are planning to dedicate the entire month of August to focusing on several of these Biblical distinctive.

We are asking you to pray with us for God to revive, burden, and instruct this church as we look afresh at these precious truths.  I am asking five of our supporting pastors to be part of what we will be doing this month: They will be addressing the following topics with our church via Skype on Tuesday evenings, our regular midweek Bible study and prayer time:

“How Can We Guard the Careful Articulation of the Gospel with Humility and Love?”

“What Doctrinal Distinctives Identify Us as a Baptist Church, and why is This Important?”

“Why Is Doctrinal Depth Important in our Preaching, Teaching, and Music?”

“Why and How Should a Young Church Start Thinking About Church Planting Missions?”

“How Can We Maintain Patience in Ministry Without Loosing Our Passion for Ministry?”

We are excited about this month, and are praying for God to do a great work in His people here in Cape Coast.

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An Interactive Study in the Gospel of John

Invitation Studies in John

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Water is back, we hope for good!

Public holiday today in Ghana. So thankful for the water to be on right now, which means we are washing clothes and filling buckets just in case. Also enjoying a cool rain. Sounds like we need to celebrate with some fish in the freezer! Good Bible study last evening, and it looks like Joel will be going to Accra tomorrow to work on reapplying for our resident permits.

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