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What Works are Required to Acquire Eternal Salvation?

In John 6, several disciples came to Jesus and asked Him a penetrating a direct question.  What works must we do to do the will of God?  They asked the question, expecting Him to give them a list of righteous laws to keep, in order to secure a righteous standing before Him.  The answer Christ gave, might surprise you.  Listen carefully, to the answer to this very important question regarding salvation and works.


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Is it Possible to Worship and Follow Christ, yet Not Enter His Eternal Kingdom?

Is it possible to worship and follow Christ, yet not enter His eternal kingdom?  Are all faithful, sincere church attenders possessors of eternal life and future citizens of the eternal kingdom of God?  The following video is partial content summary of our Thursday study on John 6.


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Who Needs God’s Grace More: The Shameless Sinner or the Sincere Preacher?

Who is in the better position before God, the shameless sinner or the sincere preacher? Is their position really any different? Who needs God’s grace more? The following video addresses this question by reflecting on John 3-4.


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