Book Recomendations from 2013

23 Dec

Putting Amazing Back Into Grace- Michael Horton

I love books related to the gospel, and this book was no disappointment.  Reading this book will give you a fuller and richer understanding of the great doctrinal themes that relate to our salvation.  If you are not reformed, this book will make you uncomfortable in places.  But step outside your comfort zone and reflect the glory of God in our salvation.  My favorite section was Horton’s development of the priesthood of the believer.  The practical implications of this doctrine were quite enriching. His development of the practice of infant baptism was interesting but not convincing.  His input regarding the Lordship debate was very balanced, perhaps some of the best statements I have read regarding that issue.  Well worth your time.

Christ-less Christianity- Michael Horton

Has the Christian church ceased to be distinctly Christian?  What does our approach to church life, evangelism, worship, and the preaching of the word reveal about our theology?  This was perhaps my favorite read this year.  Stepping outside my culture and into another has allowed me to more objectively critique our American culture, and this book many of the things I have been seeing.  The prosperity gospel has infiltrated the American church like a cancer, and pragmatic seeker friendly evangelism has become a standard in the evangelical church.  Horton pulls no punches in his critique of these common trends.  I encourage you to read this book with an open mind as you ask the question, has my approach to the Christian life ceased to be distinctly Christian?

The Forgotten Trinity- James White

I thoroughly enjoy James White’s style, especially as a debater.  He is simple and informative.  This is the most recent book I have read, and caught my attention after a lengthy conversation with several cult proselytizers.  Trinitarian monotheism is at the heart of the Christian gospel, yet it has become an area of serious misunderstanding in the Christian church.  Is Christ Yahweh?  Is the Son distinct from the Father?  In what ways are they distinct, and in what ways are they one?  How can Christ pray to the Father if they are one, and how can the Son call the Father His God if they are the same God?  These are questions that demand doctrinal precision, and are not non issues.  Eternal life is characterized by knowing intimately the Triune God as He is, and not as we imagine Him to be, therefore we ought to give careful diligence to understand and articulate this doctrine.  I found this book to be more than informative and stimulating, but also a book that thrust me into worship as I reflect on the majesty and uniqueness of the Triune God.  Excellent book!  I highly recommend it.

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