Transition from the Physical to the Spiritual

22 Feb

Our topic has been salvation, and the focus of our topic has been to determine whether or not our salvation is a process or a once and for all legal declaration.  As we have looked at various passage that relate to our salvation, we have discovered that the term salvation is general and its meaning is dependent upon the various contexts of the passages in which it is found. 

When we look at our salvation, perhaps it is best to think of our salvation as a package, received as a gift and purchased by the work of Christ for us on the cross.   Through Christ we can be redeemed, forgiven, washed clean, declared righteous, and become the recipients of an incorruptible, eternal inheritance.

We have examined the physical nature of salvation; now let us look at the specifics of spiritual salvation.  As we look at the spiritual side of our salvation, we will examine how a sinner is delivered from the penalty of his sin, justification; how he is delivered from the power of sin, sanctification; and how he is delivered from all the affects of sin and its presence for eternity.  Let us consider for a moment the beauty of our justification and how this aspect of our salvation both reveals and magnifies God’s goodness by answer two questions: first, how can God forgive sin and not compromise justice, and secondly, how can God declare a man righteous whose righteousness is unacceptable?


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