Part 1: A Few Foundational Thoughts

01 Feb

Before we answer this very important question, let us lay down a few simple, yet foundational truths about Bible study.  Whenever we study a Biblical topic, we must strive to do our research thoroughly before we articulate our conclusions.  We should study all the different passages that address that issue, and consider their individual contexts.  If we pick a handful of verses and ignore their contexts, then we can just about teach anything we want.  Ironically this is exactly what cults and other false teachers do with the Bible.  It is also exactly what Satan did when he tempted Christ in the wilderness.  He quoted Scripture, but applied it in a way in which it was not meant to be taken.  In 2 Peter 3:16 Peter writes that Paul’s epistles are full of some things which are hard to understand, which untaught and unstable people twist to their own destruction, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures.  Peter was very blunt about his view of those who twist the Scriptures to their own destruction.  Let us be cautious not to have the same accusation justifiably leveled against us.

We will strive not to be like the false teachers of our day, who take one or two verses out of their contexts, and then build elaborate doctrines on those few misunderstood verses.  As careful students of the Bible we will labor to do our research thoroughly and carefully, and then strive to let the Bible as a whole speak for itself in our study on the nature of salvation.

Now that we have presented a word of caution as it relates to our study on salvation, let us first get a broad overview of salvation in the Bible.  Once we have seen salvation broadly presented from the Bible, we will take the various kinds of Biblical salvation one by one, and discuss them in greater detail.


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