Is Our Salvation a Process or a Once and for All Declaration? Introduction

30 Jan

Over the last several weeks we have been discussing the Biblical teaching of salvation on the radio.  The purpose of our teaching has not been to settle an argument for the sake of an audience or intellectual pride, nor has it been to fill our radio audience’s heads with Biblical information, but rather it has been to exposit, from the scriptures, the heart of the gospel and then to call each person to evaluate the object of their confidence before God. Those whose faith rests in self to any degree are called to repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We have learned from our studies that our faith has no value if it is misplaced.  God does not save us on the basis of the strength of our faith, but rather on the basis of a properly directed faith.  We are under the wrath of God until we repent of all self-confidence and Christ alone becomes the object of our faith.  Each week we have strived to ask thoughtful questions designed to reveal the true object of our faith and the foundations of our understanding of the gospel and conversion.  We have asked the following questions: Do our works contribute to our salvation; is our salvation a gift or a reward; how can God forgive our sin and still be just; and does God grant us eternal life through a lifelong process of confession of sin?

Last week in our broadcast, we addressed the question: do our works contribute to our salvation?  This week, we will address the question: is our salvation a process or a once and for all declaration by God?  The following series of posts will essentially be a transcription of the content we taught on the radio the last two week.  We hope many people will read, listen, and comment on these studies, but most importantly, we pray that God will bring glory to Himself through deepening the Biblical understanding of believers and calling sinners to repentance and faith in Himself.


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