Week of June 22-29

30 Jun

Quick update on the week:  We had a great time last night with the hymn sing at the house.  Had about ten people there who have not regularly been attending our church, though some of them are people we have been meeting with for gospel studies.  It is a great way for them to get to meet some of the people from church.  Had a good Saturday evangelism time, with several new contacts made.  I was able to meet with an electrician who has done some work for us, and we plan to follow-up Monday.  Discipleship meetings this week went well.  Also made some new contacts through the guys we are discipling.  I am heading out to meet with one of the guys after I post this update.  We have been encouraged by the small feedbacks we are getting from the website, though we have not yet advertised it on campus.  We hope to do that as soon as the students get back for their semester.  This month alone, we have had people visit the site from the UK, US, Ghana, France, Netherlands, Russia, Iceland, Uruguay, Japan, China, Japan, Germany, Moldova, Latvia, Australia, and Brazil.  In three months, we have had almost 400 unique visitors to the site.  Hopefully we can continue to get resources on it, and eventually begin to dialogue with people through email.  Thanks for your prayer support, and interest in our work.

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