Update: Week May 27-June 2

27 May

We are thankful for a good week, despite the typical issues that come up.  Since we are now in the rainy season, we have had some heavy rains this past week.  Last week, the winds were so strong they took down a huge tree in Pedu, and killed a mother and her little girl.  Power was very inconsistent this week, and we were without it for over 24 hours straight in the middle of the week.  We have also ironically had poor water this week, but things are now better.  We have enjoyed the cooler weather, and finally got a hot water heater, so we don’t have to take cold showers now that the temperatures are cooler. We had some good developments this week in our gospel studies, and have seen some professions of faith, as well as at least one who seems very close.  Joel started a preaching class with the men in the church this week, and is starting a regular time teaching in a senior secondary school as well as a maximum security prison in Ankrofal.  We are now in the final stage of application for residence status, which is good considering, our 3 month visa expires this week.  Joel has received his work permit with the Anchor Baptist NGO, and we hope to get our residence permits by the end of the week.  Here are a few things to keep in prayer this next week:

Fante Lessons: Pray we will absorb the language as we practice and learn it.

Website resources: Joel has put together a number of videos focused on salvation, faith, repentance, and justification, and is planning to do several more interviews on Tuesday with a pastor of like faith as well as the testimonies of several of our men in the church. If you are interested in viewing the videos, they are on this website as well as

Preaching training: Joel had a great first week of sermon training with the guys this week. Pray that it will continue to go well.

Deanna’s pregnancy: Things seem to be going well, but pray for continued safety of mommy and baby, as well as wisdom as we look the options available to us for delivery.

Immigration: Joel has received his work permit, and our residence permit is in process.

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