What Does it Mean to be Eternally Secure? Introduction

16 May


What does it mean to be eternally secure?  Is it even possible to be confident that one has eternal life?  Is eternal security a valid Bible doctrine, or a modern twisting of the historic Christian faith?

The modern objections to eternal security are numerous.  For example, a man may say, I have a friend who I attended church with regularly as a boy.  Since coming to adulthood, he has abandoned his Christian faith, and is now an atheist, or I knew a pastor who ran off with his secretary and is now a shamelessly immoral atheist. Or yet another who objects that if salvation is simply a matter of faith and the man who believes on Christ is now eternally secure, what will motivate this man to live a godly life?  Still others may object from scripture rather than experience or logic.  Are there not passages in the Bible that lead men to believe that salvation is something for which we must labor?  Are we not to lay hold on eternal life according to 1 Timothy 6?  Is it not impossible to renew a man to repentance who has fallen away according to Hebrews 6?

The following blog posts will focus on addressing this critical issue from the Bible.  Logic and experience are not valid final sources of authority; rather experience and logic must be filtered and interpreted in light of Scripture.  Our authority must be in the word of God.  I will take a methodical approach by first addressing several key passages that expound the doctrine of eternal security.  Once we have studied these passages together, then I will address the objections that I have raised as well as several key passages that are often used to teach that salvation can be lost.  May God be glorified as we study the nature of salvation in Christ!


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