Lessons Learned on Deputation

27 Oct

From Friends:
• Deputation is a season of ministry not second class drudgery.
• Minister to your family first and they will minister with you.
• Base your ministry practice on Scripture alone not on the norms of our contemporary American Christian culture.
• By establishing Biblical ministry patterns, your ministry will be simple and reproducible in any culture.
On Evangelism:
• Strive to never manipulate people’s wills to coerce them to make a profession of faith.
• Strive to present the gospel accurately.
• Patiently wait on God to do the work that He alone can do.
• The glory in a man’s salvation is never the tool that God uses or the manner in which he is used, but in God alone and the nature of His drawing grace, ministering grace, and saving grace.
From the deputation process:
• God is well able to sustain men through the challenging seasons of life.
• God is well able to meet the needs of His children.
• God is well able to bring His children into favor to accomplish His purposes.
• Christian love is the supreme mark of spiritual maturity and a beautiful expression of a love for God.
 After the death of Little Malachi:
• Children are a wonderful gift from God, and should never be viewed as a burden or right.
• God’s grace administered through His word and spirit-filled children is alone sufficient to sustain us through seasons of human suffering.
• God’s greatest and sweetest expressions of love and grace are most vividly perceived in the most intense seasons of human suffering.
• There is always sanctifying value in God-ordained human suffering.
• Right thinking in the crucible of human suffering produces the spiritual fruit of joy.
• God’s actions in every way are always right.

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