Lessons Learned from a Missionary Friend

06 Oct

I just received an email from a dear friend, with the following ten lessons that he and his wife had learned while on the mission field.  While not yet on the field, I have found these lessons to be so true from practical ministry stateside and studying the Word.  I hope you enjoy these insightful lessons.

1. We are learning to die to the opinions of man to, as George Muller so eloquently put it, “live for the Audience of One.”

2. We are learning that the quality of a person’s ministry depends upon the source of their service.

3. We are learning that “doing” can be a very subtle and dangerous substitute for “being.”

4. We are learning that the greatest “evangelism program” is believers living out a thoroughly Christian worldview in their families, villages, and workplaces.

5. We are learning to have a big enough vision to think small. That is, we are learning to focus our labors on thoroughly discipling the few so that, in time, the many might be reached.

6. We are learning that disciples are not developed through programs, but through personal investment / purposeful proximity.

7. We are learning that real ministry requires Spirit-empowered, enduring patience.

8. We are learning the joy of transitioning from ministering to the people to ministering with the people.

9. We are learning that some of our most treasured friendships in this life come from a people whose skin color is far darker than ours.

10. We learning that God’s work done God’s way never lacks God’s blessing.


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