Ideas for Pastors Who are Running a Mission’s Conference

26 Sep


• Give each missionary a reasonable amount of time to present their field through video and explanation as well as a time of questions for the congregation
• Have each missionary preach more than once in a Bible Conference format over a three day period, (suggestion Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).
• Have an international potluck dinner during the conference.
• Have a man in the church present information on the fields that are the focus of the conference in the weeks prior to the conference, so people can ask knowledgeable questions about the missionary’s approach to mission’s in their field.

Hearing from Missionaries on the Field:

• Consider having a missionary that you are already partnered with give a short testimony or report by way of video or Skype in each preaching time.

Goals for Conference:

• Be careful to allow scripture to speak and the Holy Spirit to move, rather than emotional manipulation. There is a real tendency to drift out of balance when we are considering mission’s giving and seeing more servants of God sent out into the harvest fields.
• Strive to see your people have a correct understanding of church planting mission’s so they can pray more effectively as well as be challenged to see the work of the church planting missionary accomplished in their own local church.
• Focus workshops/preaching times around a common mission’s theme to provide continuity.

Getting people involved:

• Consider having the children of the church go to each missionaries display with their parents and a little booklet with specific questions that will addressed by the missionaries in the sessions of the conference.
• Consider having the missionaries eat in the homes of each of the deacons and pastoral leaders during the week, which allows missionaries to get to know them well.
• Consider assigning several families to take each missionary family out on Sunday, which allowed us to get to know a smaller group better. (A home is better than a restaurant.)
• Consider having a church potluck whenever the missionaries are visiting.
• Consider making a flip card folder that has the church’s missionaries so families will be reminded to faithfully pray for their missionaries when they are doing family worship.
• Consider having a special breakfast with anyone in the church who is not working during the day so they can spend more time getting to know the missionaries.

Teaching about mission’s:

• Consider putting together a video of church members (young and old), and random people from the community where they are asked to explain what they believe mission’s is. After the video, have a pastor or missionary present a case and definition of Biblical missions.

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