How do we View Church Ministry Programs?

22 Sep

I appreciated the following section near the end of Platt’s book concerning local church ministry. We all know that local church pastoral leadership has the God-given role to “equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.” It is in this context, that God’s people will become most effective in the ministry of disciple-making. Platt’s perspective is quite refreshing as it relates to this issue, and I think it is worth your consideration as he thinks outside the box of the current trends in American Christian thought, and returns to a far more biblical patter of disciple making. He writes:

“Over the last few years our church has experienced a subtle yet significant shift in how we understand ‘going.’ For a time we were trying to organize and centralize all various types of community ministries we were involved in. The problem, however, was that the more we encouraged and equipped people to go and make disciples of all nations, the harder it was to try to control all that they were doing! So we decentralized all these ministries and instead focused on empowering men and women to start, manage, and lead ministries all across our city.

The effect was subtly amazing. Every one of our small groups began looking at the gifts, skills, and passions represented in their group and then prayed about how God wanted to use them to multiply the gospel by making disciples in the community around them. Instead of organizing a Vacation Bible School on our campus, small groups across our city started leading week long Bible clubs in their homes. They found that they could share the gospel with their neighbors far more effectively by inviting them into their houses. This poured over into igniting other types of ministries. Every week now our faith family is leading Bible studies in workplaces and neighborhoods, helping addicts in rehabilitation centers, serving food in homeless shelters, teaching orphans in learning centers, caring for widows in retirement homes, providing hospice care for the elderly, training men and women in job skills, tutoring men and women in reading, rocking babies in hospitals, helping patients in AIDS clinics, teaching English to internationals, and doing a variety of other things, all in an effort to multiply the gospel-and we haven’t had to organize any of it! The possibilities are limitless when the people of God are equipped and empowered to accomplish the purpose of God in the context of where they live day in and day out.”[1]

When I read this section; the following thought came to mind.  Church must get back to families reaching
families in their sphere of influence.  I believe our local churches will cease to be as effective as we could be, until we get back to this families reaching families mindset.  I believe that this mindset is the recipe for exponential, rock solid growth.

[1] David Platt Radical, (198-201)

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