Update from Iowa

09 Jun

We have now begun our busy summer schedule, and are excited about the many opportunities that we have to present our ministry and serve in various local churches from the east coast to the west coast. This weekend we were in IL and were able to present our ministry along with an evening children’s program. Sunday night after the evening service, we drove to IA were we are currently involved in a week long VBS program. Deanna is teaching the life of Hudson Taylor. She and I are team teaching the meaning of John 3:16 for three different age groups. I am doing the two older groups, and she is doing the youngest group. Please pray that the Lord would use each lesson to work in the hearts of the children, and that we would see genuine conversions throughout the week. Day 1 was focused on man’s fall, its affects on us, and God’s promise of a Savior, day 2 was focused on the life of Christ and His miracles that proved that He is the promised Savior from the OT, day 3 is going to be focused on the passion of Christ and His resurrection that made our salvation possible and proved that He is the Savior, day 4 is going to be an explanation of John 3 by focusing on Christ’s illustration, the serpent in the wilderness, and day 5 is going to be focused on the way that pride keeps people from being saved from Jesus illustration of the Pharisee and the Publican in the temple. We will be presenting our ministry on Sunday, and then driving to NV for a Mission’s Conference that starts on Wednesday. Please pray that we will stay healthy and strong as well as for our safety on the road.

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